Can An Electric Lawn Mower Shock You

Can An Electric Lawn Mower Shock You?

An electric lawn mower is perfect for keeping the lawn clean and tidy. It’s fast, accurate, and straightforward to use. However, how safe is a lawn mower in terms of electrocution? Can it shock you? Any electric lawn mower owner has had this question running through their mind, and it’s only fair if we address it in this article. 

An electric lawn mower is a tool every homeowner should have in their garage. It comes in handy when keeping your lawn clean and tidy. You can get your yard into shape with a few minutes of work, and it’s also effortless to use. 

Despite being a helpful tool, some homeowners have expressed their concerns regarding its safety. The biggest issue is whether the electric lawn mower can shock you when using it.

Can You Be Shocked By An Electric Lawn Mower?

A corded electric lawn mower can electrocute you if you step on, or touch, exposed cables and wires. It can also happen on both cordless and corded mowers if you attempt to run maintenance and don’t take precautions. The electric lawn mower has enough power to cause bodily harm and even death. 

You are most likely to get shocked in these two conditions:

  • Stepping or touching any exposed cable or wire – manufacturers do fantastic work to conceal the cables by insulating them with rubber. You might be electrocuted if this insulation is compromised and the cable is exposed. 
  • Attempting to maintain the mower – sometimes the electric lawn mower might stop working, which could prompt you to meddle with the equipment. Trying to do this without proper experience could lead to electrocution. 

If the mower stops working, try the troubleshooting tips below:

  • Unplug and plug in the power cord 
  • Check if the battery is fully charged in a cordless mower
  • Check the fuse and replace it with a similar model
  • Make sure the cord is firmly attached to the socket
  • Remove the cover to clean the debris clogging the vents
  • Remove the debris build-up near the motor to get it working

What Happens When You Run Over The Cord With An Electric Lawn Mower?

What Happens When You Run Over The Cord With An Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers come equipped with sharp, fast-spinning blades that cut anything they come in contact with. The blades will cut the cord after running over it, which can lead to electric shock. The contact could also damage the lawn mower and the blades, which adds to the repair costs. 

A lawn mower’s blades spin at 2500RPM to 3000RPM when cutting the grass, which is equivalent to 200 mph, or a Ferrari F40 at top speed. With such spin and power, you would expect the blades to shred anything they encounter, including the power cord. 

Experience is a factor when dealing with corded electric lawn mowers, and that’s why you should always check to confirm the cord is pulled behind the equipment. When the cord is not pulled behind the equipment, you risk getting shocked. It can also damage the engine by giving the lawn mower a sudden surge of electricity from the plugged end of the cord.

Can A Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Battery Shock You?

Generally, electric lawn mower batteries are safe to handle without risk of shock. It is still wise to handle them with care and avoid handling them while wet. Never try to take apart an electric lawn mower battery.

If all you are doing is charging and installing your electric lawn mower batteries, you have nothing to worry about. These batteries are safe and you are well protected.

You will encounter risk if you attempt to disassemble a battery. Never do this. It is better to just purchase a new battery if your current battery is no longer functioning.

Always store your batteries in a dry location. It is ok if your electric lawn mower gets wet on occasion, however taking good care of your mower will only make it last that much longer.

Can You Cut Wet Grass With An Electric Lawn Mower?

Water and electricity do not mix well, and that’s why you should avoid cutting wet grass with an electric lawn mower. Make sure your lawn is as dry as possible to avoid any issues.

Avoid watering the lawn before mowing it to avoid any incidents. Also, avoid mowing grass with morning dew as this would have the same results as mowing wet grass. Invest in a proper drainage system if your land gets soaking wet more often. Alternatively, you can change the time to mow your lawn and do it after the sunrise, as then the dew would have dried. 


An electric lawn mower is a great tool to keep your lawn in shape, but it’s also dangerous when you touch exposed wires and cables. You can also get electrocuted if you attempt to repair the equipment.

The sharp, fast-spinning blades can cut a cord when they come in contact with it, resulting in shock and damage to the engine. Avoid mowing wet grass using an electric lawn mower, even with morning dew.

If you are considering getting a new lawn mower, but not sure about the benefits, check out our article Electric vs Gas Lawn Mowers. We break down the pros and cons of each and let you decide what will work best for you.

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