How To Cut Tall Grass With An Electric Lawn Mower

How To Cut Tall Grass With An Electric Lawn Mower

In order to begin cutting tall grass with an electric lawn mower, you will need to know some important steps. You will also need to make sure you have the right electric mower for the job.

In this article we will equip you with 15 tips on cutting tall grass. These tips will make the job ahead faster, easier, and most importantly, safer for you. We will also advise on the best mowers for the job, and what to look for in a quality electric lawn mower.

Can electric lawn mowers cut long, thick grass? Can electric lawn mowers handle the tough jobs like some of their gas powered brothers? Read on to find out all the answers you will need, and more.

Can Electric Mowers Cut Tall Grass?

Electric lawn mowers can cut tall, thick grass. The modern cordless electric lawn mowers are much more powerful that just a few short years ago. While you may want to stick to a gas mower for a commercial lawn mower, electric lawn mowers are best for almost all home owners.

However, it can be tricky when dealing with tall wet grass. It is recommended that you avoid cutting wet grass with any mower, and this includes electric mowers.

If you are going to be mowing tall grass in an overgrown lawn, it is important to read the following tips. After you understand how to cut the tall grass, it will be important that you have the right mower for the job. If your mower is out dated or under powered read on to see our top picks on mowers for tall grass.

How Do You Mow Tall Grass?

How Do You Mow Tall Grass?

Cutting tall grass takes skill and top-notch precision. It is a good thing that powerful electric machines are available for this purpose. The following are fifteen tips on how to cut long grass. 

15 Tips On How To Mow Tall Grass

1. High Torque Engine

Engine torque is responsible for the power of the mighty blade. The higher the torque, the more power the mower has to cut tall grass. 

2. Use Self Propelled Mower

This mower is the type that does the work all on its own. You can cut through tall grass without exerting so much effort. Self-propelled lawn mowers provide better quality cuts. 

3. Several Height Settings

Use a mower with multiple settings. The grass will look better if you set the machine at the appropriate height. Set at the highest stage and then come down from there. Proper mowing is essential to create an even lawn. 

4. Battery Management

The cordless mower will use up the battery power when cutting tall grass. Choose a high-capacity battery or have one spare battery fully charged to decrease stopping time. You can also utilize a rapid charger. 

5. Make Sure Battery Is Charged

It is always a good point to ensure that the battery is fully charged before use for a battery-powered mower. Used batteries do not hold a charge, as a fresh battery does, especially if they are not fully charged the first time. 

6. Opt For Cordless

Cordless mowers tend to be safer than mowers that plug into an outlet. If you run over the cord, you can damage your mower blades. 

With battery-powered mowers, you need to turn off your mower and recharge the battery is running low. If you do not do this, you may risk damaging the mower blades and the motor. 

7. Increase Cut Height

When attempting to mow a tall yard, you need to increase your cut height. If you do not, the mower can stall. You can effortlessly mow your lawn when you bring your cut height up. 

8. Mulching Option

Purchase an electric mower with a mulching feature. This setting will save you time with disposing of grass clippings. Landfill regulations may also be stringent, so get a mower with an excellent mulching function when all else fails. 

9. Side Discharge 

Side discharge is a novel idea when you are mowing tall grass. It can handle a more significant amount of grass debris than a rear one. You do not want to block it up and jam the mower. 

10. Do Not Mow Wet Grass

Avoid mowing wet grass. Mowing a wet lawn with an electric mower is dangerous. When it is wet, the mower is likely to miss tall grasses. The grass will stand straight and appear uneven when the rain clears up. Also, when the grass is wet, it is tough to get a clean cut. 

11. Make Sure The Blade Is Sharp

If the blade is not sharp, you will not get a good, clean cut. IF the mower blades are dull, it smashes the blade’s edge, and it will not obtain a clean cut. The grass will turn brown, which will make it prone to diseases. Keep you lawn mower blade clean and sharp.

12. Be On The Lookout  

Watch for items that your mower can accidentally suck up. Rocks or sticks can easily damage the mower blade. More importantly, keep children and pets safe from the mower when cutting the grass. Additionally, make sure there are no bunnies or squirrels around either.   

13. Cut A Little Bit At A Time

Trying to cut the grass all at once will clog up your lawnmower, which will make it shut down. This practice can harm your lawnmower. You can remedy the problem by cutting it in stages. The first cut should be the top of the grass, and the next time, mow the rest. 

14. Take Your Time

You do not need to go over your lawn so aggressively. You can do it slowly, which produces better results. Mowing at a slower pace will ensure the health of your lawn and will not put as much strain on the grass. 

15. Correct Aftercare

After mowing the lawn, you need to keep the grounds in good condition to prevent overgrowth. Overgrowth is one of the most significant contributors to an unhealthy lawn, as it puts strain on the grass. 

What Are the Best Electric Mowers for Cutting Tall Grass?

What Are the Best Electric Mowers for Cutting Tall Grass?

Many different electric mowers are suitable for mowing tall grass. You need to check out all your options, and the following includes some great electric mowers when you want an excellent clean green cut. 

Greenworks Pro 80V 21 Inch Lawn Mower

Top Pick For Tall Grass
Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Battery and Charger Included
  • 21" steel deck, brushless motor, self-propelled rear wheel drive, vertical storage, push button start
  • Up to 45 minutes run-time with fully charged 4Ah battery
  • Smart Cut Technology automatically increases the speed of the blade when more power is needed for the best cut possible
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Greenworks lawn mowers are known to be great workhorses, and this 80V Self Propelled Greenworks mower is no exception.

There are a few reasons this mower is recommended for tall thick grass, and the high powered motor is just one of those reasons. Below are just some of the highlights that make this mower great for long, thick grass.

  • Powerful 80V Battery
  • Self Propelled
  • 21″ Steel Deck
  • Rear Bag Option For Tall Grass

As you can see, this lawn mower has all the tools that are needed for tall grass and heavy duty lawns. The steel deck is a real bonus as many electric lawn mowers come with heavy duty plastic decks. Unless you own a farm or wild brush, this mower can handle the job.

EGO Power+ 21 Inch Lawn Mower

Our Top Pick
EGO Power+ 21 Inch Mower with Battery and Rapid Charger Included
  • Get 45 minutes of run time on a single charge
  • Select Cut Multi-Blade System for premium cutting performance that exceeds gas
  • 3-in-1 function: mulching, bagging, side discharge
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While we have this listed second to the Greenworks lawn mower, you really can go with either of these mowers. Both will handle just about any job your lawn can throw at them.

This 56V lawn mower is great for cutting through thick heavy grass. Add in the Select Cut Multi-Blade System and you have a great package for thick lawns. Just make sure to have a fully charged battery and you are set to get through almost any lawn you can throw at this lawn mower.

Don’t forget, with Ego, as well as Greenworks, you can get multiple yard tools and share the powerful batteries. This will save money and allow you to do all the edging, trimming, cutting, and blowing that you may need to do after you cut the grass.

How Do Gas Mowers Compare To Electric Lawn Mowers?

How Do Gas Mowers Compare To Electric Lawn Mowers

For the most part, electric mowers are better than gas mowers. Cordless electric lawnmowers are included. The following compares gas mowers with electric mowers. 

Electric Mowers are Better for the Environment

Electric lawnmowers are powered by electricity, which is better for the environment than gas. However, gas-powered mowers require gas to run. Gas is detrimental to the environment. Electric mowers do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. 

Gas also pollutes groundwater like gasoline when it is burned. Gasoline lawn mower emissions are also associated with cancer and damage to the brain and central nervous system. Electric lawnmowers do not emit such pollutants, making them the healthier choice. 

Electric mowers typically rely on either battery or connect to the mower. All you need for an electric mower that performs well is a good battery. 

Electric Mowers Are Not High Maintenance

Electric mowers are more manageable when it comes to maintenance. You just need to replace the batteries. Gas mowers, however, require more upkeep. Oil levels should be kept up with, and spark plugs need to be replaced if they wear out.

Electric lawnmowers also start by pressing a button, while gas mowers need to be primed. 

Electric Mowers Are Cost-Effective

Electric mowers do not cost as much since they do not need gasoline to run and do not require as much maintenance. Gas-powered mowers need oil changes and tune-ups to be able to run efficiently. 

When choosing an electric mower, you are opting to use a battery that can be recharged with renewable energy sources like solar panels, which are far less expensive. 

Check out our article comparing the costs of electric and gas lawn mowers

Electric Mowers Are Less Noisy

Gas lawn mowers cause noise pollution, as they produce 105 decibels. However, electric mowers only produce 75 decibels. A gas-powered mower is as loud as a motorcycle, which is relatively noisy. This loudness is not suitable if you live in a suburban neighborhood that enjoys peace and quiet. 


With the great advancements in electric lawn mowers in recent years, you can easily cut through tall, thick grass with most electric mowers. Just be sure to keep in mind the tips we listed above and you will be ready for most heavy jobs.

It is important to keep your mower in top shape if you want it to handle tough jobs. Be sure you know how to maintain your electric lawn mower and also keep your mower clean.

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