Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson


Thank you for reading Electric Mower Report! I started this website after I went searching for an electric lawn mower for myself. I was amazed at the progress that technology had made and I dug deep into the electric mower world. After countless hours of research, I decided to begin sharing all the information I had found. I hope that this website will help you in your search for an electric lawn mower, as well as guide you in your ownership. 

Why Electric Lawn Mowers

Not too long ago, electric lawn mowers were corded and very expensive. They just couldn’t compete with their gasoline powered brothers.

However, recently prices have been coming down, the cost of gasoline has been going up, and battery technology has made huge strides. That means electric mowers are now becoming a great option. Not to mention that they are much better for the environment!

What to Expect

At Electric Mower Report, you can expect honest, helpful reviews and articles. The goal is to educate the world of the benefits of electric mowers, as well as help them find one that works best for their situation.

Our Reviews

In order to bring you the best information we incorporate a variety of the following into our reviews:

  1. Hands on Experience
  2. Well Researched Documentation
  3. Industry Interviews
  4. Product Documentation
  5. Trial and Error

We never accept paid reviews. All reviews are earned on the merit of the machine. We will bring you both the Pros and the Cons in order to assist you in making a purchase you can be happy with. Our rankings are our views and are not paid for by any company.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!