Recommended Electric Yard Tools

Recommended Products

Below are some of my favorite electric tools for the yard. If you have found yourself surfing the internet and unsure of what tool to choose for your yard…pick one off this list and you can’t go wrong. 

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

If you are looking for a cordless electric lawn mower, be sure to look for quality, value, and great features. Below is our list of the Top 3 cordless electric mower on the market today.

1st Choice

EGO Multi-Blade 21″ Battery-Powered Self-Propelled Mower

Ego Lawn Mower

The Ego Power+ 21-Inch 80V mower is the top of the line for electric mowers. If you want a top of the line electric mower, with 2 blades, that matches the cutting power of gas…then this is your choice!

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2nd Choice

GreenWorks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower

Electric Lawn Mower

The Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V mower is not only a great mower, but it is a great value as well. For more information on this mower, check out our review!

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3rd Choice

Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Snapper XD 82V Mower

Along with the great Snapper name, you get the only self propelled mower on our list. This kit also comes with 2 batteries and a rapid charger for a very low price.

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Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

If you have a small yard and are looking for a corded option for your electric lawn mower, then here is your best option.

1st Choice

GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 20 Inch Cordless Mower

This corded mower from GreenWorks provides one of the best lawn mowing experiences you will find in the corded market. Great Product, Great Value!

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Best Cordless Electric Weed Trimmer

Below are two of the best electric trimmers on the market. I have Ego listed first, but if you have a GreenWorks lawn mower, go with the GreenWorks trimmer so you can share batteries. If you have an Ego lawn mower, or neither, then go with the Ego!

1st Choice

Ego 56-Volt Lith-ion Cordless Electric 15 in. Powerload String Trimmer

Ego Trimmer

This high powered, high quality string trimmer by Ego is amazing. If you have an Ego mower it is a must, if you don’t it is still a must purchase unless you intend to share batteries with another brand.

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2nd Choice

GreenWorks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Weed Trimmer

Greenworks Trimmer

If you own the 40V GreenWorks Cordless mower this is a no brainer. You can swap batteries as needed. Even if you don’t own a GreenWorks mower, this trimmer will meet all your needs at a very affordable price!

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Best Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

1st Choice

EGO Power+ Cordless Leaf Blower

Ego Blower

Like the trimmers, if you have an Ego mower, or don’t plan on using the same battery from another brand of mower, this is your choice. Ego is top of the line in the electric lawn tool market.

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2nd Choice

Greenworks 40V Cordless Blower

GreenWorks 40V Leaf Blower

You can see I like the GreenWorks line. Not only are they great quality, but I love the versatility that being able to swap batteries provides. If you already own a Greenworks 40V mower or trimmer, save some money and purchase the tool only version and save a ton of cash.

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