Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance

How To Maintain Your Electric Lawn Mower

One of the many reasons people purchase electric lawn mowers is because they are very low maintenance when compared to gas lawn mowers. Here we will cover all the basics for caring for your new electric mower, and leave you prepared for your next afternoon of yard work.

Below are three of the major areas that need to be maintained. If you keep these three areas clean and working properly, you will have many years of enjoyment from your electric mower.

We also added a bonus section at the end covering storage. Electric lawn mowers have a distinct advantage over gas mowers when it comes to storage, however it still needs to be done properly. 

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Do Electric Lawn Mowers Need Oil?

No, electric lawn mowers do not need oil. They don’t really need much in motor maintenance at all. Electric lawn mowers do not use oil, air filters, spark plugs, gasoline, or pull cords.

The lack of maintenance is a huge selling point for electric mowers and a reason many people are switching to them. As long as you keep them clean, sharp, and charged, electric lawn mowers are good to go.

Electric Lawn Mower Motor Maintenance

This is where the electric lawn mower really shines over a gas mower. Instead of covering what you do need to maintain with an electric motor, I’ll begin by giving you a list of all the things you don’t need to worry about.

Electric Mowers Don’t Need:

  • Oil
  • Air Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Gasoline
  • Pull Cord

The one thing you really do need to pay attention to on an electric lawn mower motor is the ventilation system. It is imperative to make sure nothing is blocking the airway that is used to cool the motor.

As long as you keep the airway clean by wiping it down with a cloth or brush your mower should continue to run well.

Electric Lawn Mower Undercarriage Maintenance


Before you begin working on the undercarriage you want to make sure you have removed the battery and/or the safety key.

Once that is done, you are ready to work under the mower. Be sure to only use non-metal materials when scraping the undercarriage. If your mower has a metal chassis you could accidentally remove the protective undercoat if you use metal. There are even special tools for the job if you want to make it easier on yourself, but they are not mandatory. 

Be sure to remove all debris from both the undercarriage, as well as the blade. This is much easier if you avoid cutting wet grass. If desired, you can apply undercarriage spray to assist in cleaning and maintaining a clean surface.

One very important note, if you don’t remove the blade when cleaning, be sure to use caution to avoid cutting yourself. You can wear protective gloves as well to help ensure safety.

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Electric Lawn Mower Battery/Cord Maintenance

Battery and Charger

It is important you remember to visually inspect your battery and charger before each use. After inspecting the battery, you should also check the compartment in which it will be sitting. Make sure it is dry and completely clear of debris.

If you are using a corded mower, be sure to check the entire cord for any exposed wire or damage. You will also want to make sure that all knots and kinks are out of the cord.

Always store your battery and cords in a dry location. Doing so will help extend the life of your mower and mowing equipment. A good battery should last you at least 5 years.

Electric Lawn Mower Storage

Electric Mower Storage

Storage may be one of the reasons you purchased an electric mower. Most electric mowers are much more compact than the gas versions. You also don’t have to worry about gas and oil leaks.

However, you still want to maintain a clean, safe environment for storage. No matter if you store it in the garage, shed, or even a closet…make sure you put it away clean.

If you fail to clean your mower before storage you could find rust or other damage from caked on debris.

Also of note is the mower blade. If you store your mower upright, be sure to keep any exposed blade up against the wall or covered to prevent anyone from getting cut.


One final thing to remember is to always check for loose parts, as well as inspecting the wheels. Every now and then you may need to make an adjustment.

Maintaining an electric lawn mower is much easier than gas. Just don’t make the mistake of skipping the essentials. With proper care, your mower should last you about a decade.

If you need a new mower, or other yard products, be sure to check out our Recommended Mowers Page.

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