12 Reasons Why Electric Mowers Are So Efficient

12 Reasons Why Electric Mowers Are So Efficient

There are many reasons why you should opt for an electric lawn mower. Modern electric lawn mowers are more energy-efficient and less expensive than hefty gas-powered mowers. You can’t go wrong with a machine that is reliable and easy to manipulate.  

The best electric lawn mowers might even make you forget that lawn mowing is a chore. Take a look below and find out twelve reasons why electric mowers are so efficient. 

Why Are Electric Mowers So Efficient?

Electric lawn mowers are more efficient than gas powered mowers due to the recent advancement of rechargeable batteries. This allows electric mowers to run cleaner, cheaper, and safer than traditional gas powered lawn mowers.

Modern electric mowers are easier to operate and often work better than gas-powered mowers, and it sure is easier to move them around. Electric mowers are quickly becoming more prevalent in this technology-friendly society. 

Here are 12 facts about electric lawn mowers that will show how efficient they have become.

1. They Are Less Noisy

Electric mowers only generate 75 decibels, while gasoline mowers go up to 105 decibels. The human ear was not intended to withstand sounds up past 80 decibels

You may live in an area with noise zoning rules that ban running a gas engine mower during certain hours. Electric mowers are not as noisy and reduce noise pollution in a suburban neighborhood filled with people. 

2. They Are More Reliable

Electric mowers do not need regular oil changes like gas motors. They also do not have spark plugs, air filters, and other items that need maintenance. Electric mowers are known for their simplicity and easy-to-use machines. There does need to be proper care in place, but it is not required on a regular basis.  

3. Improved Battery Technology

Modern technology has given cordless electric mowers a new advantage. They can hold a charge for a long time. The batteries work better than they did in the past. 

Most rechargeable items run on lithium-ion batteries, which will hold a charge for more extended periods. Higher voltage batteries result in an electric mower that can operate longer, while a higher amp means that the battery will last longer. 

4. They Save Money

If you want to save money, then an electric mower is the way to go. Electric lawn mowers are cheaper than gas mowers over time.

With the advancement in technology over recent years, we have seen huge strides in rechargeable batteries. Couple this with the advancement in the cutting power of electric mowers and you will see just how attractive electric mowers have become.

Electric mowers are usually less expensive compared to gas-powered mowers and more effective. 

5. They Are Easier to Manipulate

Electric lawn mowers are easier to move around. You can swiftly and smoothly move them around tight corners and effortlessly move about your yard. Gasoline lawn mowers are much heavier. It is no fun lugging around a heavy mower when you are attempting to mow your lawn. 

Battery-powered mowers are also incredibly versatile, which means you can pretty much work with them anywhere. However, corded mowers can present a challenge, especially if plugging them in from the house. 

6. They Are Better for the Environment 

When you use a gasoline-powered mower, your machine will release many airborne pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that gas-powered lawn mowers are significant contributors to non- vehicle-related air pollution throughout the world. 

Carbon dioxide is emitted with every gallon of gas you use. Electric mowers do not use gas. You should keep this in your mind when choosing a lawn mower.

7. Electric Riding Mowers Do Not Need Spark Plugs  

Electric riding mowers do not have spark plugs, meaning they do not lose their power or energy. You also do not have to bother changing or re-gapping the spark plug. 

If the spark being produced from the spark plug is too weak to ignite the fuel, the engine can become flooded as the fuel enters the cylinder because it is not being burned off the way it should. 

This reason is why electric riding mowers are better, as they do not have spark plugs.

8. Electric Riding Mowers Do Not Need Transaxles

Transaxles typically necessitate an oil change about 75 hours after being used and every 400 hours from that point on. It is a total pain to keep up with it. 

With transaxles, either the hydraulic fluid starts to leak, or the charge pump is damaged. The best solution is to purchase a mower without transaxles, which an electric riding mower does not have. 

9. They Work Best On Flat Yards

Electric mowers work best on three-fourths of an acre or smaller yards without being recharged. They are more convenient and are easier to move around in smaller spaces, as they are more suitable for townhouses or apartment lawns. 

Electric mowers were not intended for larger areas, but they can prove themselves when it comes to more confined spaces.   

10. They Are Good for Those Who Cannot Work Gas Mowers

You may not be the best handyman or good with specific tasks. Gas-powered mowers require at least yearly maintenance and repair, as you should change the oil, have the spark plug checked, and filter replacement. 

You may not be so enthusiastic about changing oil, cleaning a carburetor, or replacing a fuel filter. Also, yearly maintenance can be costly. Electric mowers are more manageable if you are not a natural handyman.

11. They Do Not Need Oil

Electric mowers do not need oil because there is no engine, like gas-powered mowers. They do not require a large amount of motor maintenance; in any event, it is less of a hassle compared to gas-powered mowers. The main issue with electric mowers is the ventilation system. 

You must ensure that nothing obstructs the airway used to cool the motor.  

12. They Are Easier to Store

Electric mowers are often smaller and, therefore, easier to store. You may only have limited storage space available to you, which makes the electric mower more convenient to keep. You can easily get an electric mower with a handle that is easy to fold. 

Electric mowers are perfect for fitting into smaller areas in the garage. The only caveat is that electric mowers should be kept away from the outside elements. In other words, put it inside and do not leave it out all night. 


Electric Lawn Mower Savings

Electric mowers have vastly improved and much more efficient than earlier models. They have more extended battery power and are easier to operate than gas-powered mowers. One of the aspects I like best, is they save you quite a bit of money over time.

If you are shopping for an electric lawn mower, and not sure which one would work best for you, check out our article The Best Electric Lawn Mowers to learn more.

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