What Happens If You Run Over An Electric Mower Cord

What Happens If You Run Over An Electric Mower Cord?

Using an electric mower is a great way to maintain your lawn, but a few risks come with it. The main one is running over the electric mower cord while you’re mowing the lawn. Electric mower cords are made with heavy-duty materials and are meant to withstand some damage, but there are still risks to be aware of. 

Is Mowing With A Corded Lawn Mower Dangerous?

The main risk that comes with running over an electric mower cord is electrocution. If wires are exposed and the metallic blades come into contact with them, it could send an electric shock through the mower to you. 

The following article is a brief guide explaining the dangers of running over an electric mower cord and what to do if this does happen. It also includes a brief analysis about if cordless lawn mowers are safer to use. 

Dangers of Running Over an Electric Mower Cord

Electrocution is the main danger that can come from running over a lawnmower cord. It occurs when the high-speed blades tear open the cord and an electric shock runs through the mower and to you. This can result in multiple health risks and even death. 

Lawnmower blades spin at very high speeds, usually between 2500 and 3000 RPM, equivalent to 200 miles per hour. Since they spin at such high speeds, they can damage and tear almost anything they encounter, including the power cord. 

Once the power cord gets caught on a blade, it’s tough to remove. The blades will continue spinning until either there is no more cord left to eat up or the cord gets tangled in the mower and stops the blades. 

The wires in the cords will then get exposed and likely cause an electric shock to run through the mower. This electric shock could reach you and result in electrocution. The health risks that come with electrocution include: 

  • Muscle spasms 
  • Vision and hearing problems 
  • Burns 
  • Unconsciousness

Electrocution can also result in death in extreme cases, but that likely won’t occur if you run over a mower cord.  

What To Do If You Run Over an Electric Mower Cord

What To Do If You Run Over an Electric Mower Cord

If you accidentally run over an electric mower cord, DO NOT try to remove the cord from the mower’s blades if it’s tangled. The best way to make sure the cord does not have power running through it is to switch off the breaker. Then make sure the mower is turned off on the machine.

After running over an electric mower cord, the first thing you should do is make sure you haven’t gotten electrocuted. If you aren’t experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, then it’s likely you weren’t affected. 

If you are experiencing slight symptoms, it’s recommended to call your doctor, apply gauze to the wound, and try not to move the affected area as much as possible. If the shock and symptoms are severe, you will need to go to the emergency room as soon as possible. 

Once you make sure you aren’t experiencing any health risks, the next step is to make sure that power is not running through the cord. Turning off the breaker is the safest solution. Once the power is removed from the cord you can then make sure the lawn mower is turned to off.

Important: Never touch a cord that has been run over without ensuring the power has been shut off to the cord. Also, avoid reaching under the mower to untangle the cord without making sure that no power is supplied to the machine.

Are Cordless Lawn Mowers Safer? 

Cordless lawn mowers are safer than corded mowers since they don’t have a cord you can accidentally run over. They also are more maneuverable which can lead to a safer mowing experience as well.

The main pros of cordless lawn mowers include the absence of a potentially dangerous cord and being more energy-efficient than corded mowers. 

Cordless lawn mowers are usually powered by a rechargeable battery, meaning you don’t have to draw as much electricity from outside sources every time you use it. And since they don’t need a cord to function, you don’t have to worry about accidentally running it over, which makes them safer to use. 

However, some cheaper cordless mowers aren’t as powerful as corded mowers and have a shorter running time. So, if you have a large yard or particularly tough grass, then a quality cordless mower, or a corded mower might be best for your needs. Overall, both mowers are good options as long as you are careful while using either of them. 


All lawn mowers, cordless, corded, and gas, can be dangerous. Being aware of potential dangers can help you operate the mower carefully and correctly, and avoid any damage to the mower and yourself.

Always be sure to read your lawn mower operators manual to understand what safety precautions you should take with your lawn mower.

If your yard is small, and you are looking at purchasing an electric lawn mower, be sure to check out our article The 10 Best Electric Lawn Mowers For Small Yards. We provide you with the best options on the market for taking care of your yard.

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