Electric Vs Gas Lawn Mowers

Electric Vs Gas Lawn Mowers

Comparing electric and gas lawn mowers has never been more relevant than it has in the last few years. In the past it was never really necessary due to the fact electric mowers just didn’t measure up. However, in today’s world, all that has changed.

Comparing Electric and Gas Mowers

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In recent years, technology has made huge strides. Not only have electric mowers caught up, many people have turned in their old gas powered versions and opted for the cordless electric variety.

In this article we will compare the two types of mowers in six important categories. While doing the comparison we will be strictly using the cordless electric mowers as opposed to the corded.

Corded mowers still have their place, but with the recent advancements in batteries, many people are choosing to go with an option that most resembles what they have been used to with their gas mowers.

Electric vs Gas Cost

While we could have used price as the category, we didn’t want to just look at the cost to get the mower out the door. We wanted to compare the total cost to own and operate the mowers.

Purchase Price

Yes, the purchase price is part of the equation. It is also one that the gas mower will typically win. Electric mowers have come down drastically in price, however we have to give the slight edge to gas mowers on straight up purchase price.


For maintenance, we have to look at all costs that go into taking care of the machine. Both mowers will need blade upkeep. However, the gas mower will also need oil, spark plugs, fuel filters, etc. There are just too many extras in the cost of the gas mower, so the electric mower wins this section.

Power Consumption

Ok, we all know that the electric mower will win when we compare gas to electricity. However, what you may not know is by how much.

Using the current averages for gasoline and electricity, the cost to run a gas mower for 1/2 an acre is about $1.50. The cordless electric mower is only $0.10per 1/2 acre! This can really add up over time.

Winner For Cost

While the purchase price for an electric mower may be slightly higher, you can still find a good one for about $300-$400. A good gas mower will start at a minimum of around $250. You more than make up that difference over the life of the mower.

Electric vs Gas Ease of Use

When looking at how easy a mower is to operate, we look at fueling up, starting the mower, and operating the mower around a typical yard.

Fueling Up

Gas Mower

  • Trip to gas station
  • Pouring gas
  • Double check oil

Electric Mower

  • Recharge battery
  • Insert battery

Starting the Mower

Starting the mower can’t be any easier than with an electric mower. It is basically pushing a button.

We all know that starting a gas mower can be a headache on occasion. If you are very young, or a little past your prime, this is compounded.

Standard Operation

This sort of depends on the specific lawn mower. However, while the electric mower can sometimes be pretty light to maneuver, many of the newer models are a little heavier with their large batteries. 

While gas mowers will typically be heavier, they are also a little more sturdy if you happen to run into any difficult spots. This is a tie.

Winner For Ease of Use

While actual operation is very dependent on the quality of mower you buy, the electric wins due to the ease of fueling up and starting. It just can’t get much easier.

Electric vs Gas Cutting Power

There is no way around it, the gas mower is going to have a little more cutting power. You could upgrade your electric mower to an 80-Volt or even a 120-Volt to help offset the difference if this is an important category for you. Gas is king when it comes to pure power.

However, I have seen many yards cut with an electric mower and a gas one and you couldn’t tell the difference in the areas done with each type of mower.

Winner For Cutting Power

Gas is still king if you want pure cutting power. The difference might not be as much as one would think, but it is still there. If this is your #1 category…go with a good gas mower.

Electric vs Gas Noise

Noise can be an issue for some people. Not only for the person running the mower, but for all those within about a block…lawnmowers can be loud. While Electric lawn mowers are not silent, they are much quieter than their gas-powered brethren.

Winner For Noise

An electric lawn mower is about as loud as a large box fan. This can allow you to mow during early morning hours without disrupting the neighbors. It also saves your own hearing as well.

Electric vs Gas Safety

Lawn mower safety is important no matter what type of mower you purchase. However, we do have to give the slight edge here to electric. The gasoline itself is a hazard, let alone the number of people I personally know that have had injuries pull starting a mower.

With the push button start, and safety the battery provides, I would much rather teach my children on an electric mower.

Winner For Safety

Good safety practices should always be employed on either type of mower. Electric lawn mowers just have fewer steps in their safety measure list.

Electric vs Gas Storage

When it comes to storage, the electric mower is an easy winner. Being able to fold it up and store in any direction without the worry of spilling gas is huge.

The safety that comes with storing your fuel (battery) for your electric mower is also nice. You don’t really have to worry about gasoline or fumes catching fire.

Winner For Storage

Being able to fit it safely in tight spaces with very little worry gives the easy win to electric here. This is extremely beneficial to those living with limited space.

Are Gas or Electric Lawn Mowers Better?

The electric lawn mower outshines a gas mower in almost every category. From total cost, to ease of use, the electric mower is the better choice. However, if you are mainly looking for pure cutting power, then a gas mower is a great option.

Don’t get us wrong, gas mowers are great. We have used them for years. But with recent advancements in battery power, the electric lawn mower is just now beginning to outshine its predecessor. 

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